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Learn from Creative Bingo Advertisements

Gambling is something which will send a shiver through most people: there is a certain allure about it as you can always enjoy it and it is a release from the pressures of daily life. Furthermore, you can definitely get a lot from it, particularly the humble game of bingo. There is a lot going for it and you can certainly enjoy bingo just as much as any casino game.

We also learn a lot from bingo advertisements particularly those which are very creative and capture your eye. They are a lesson in how to market a business properly when you are looking at the creative bingo ads.

The first thing that is common to all of them is that they draw you in. They always have the right sort of colours and things to make you be captivated by the whole of them. Essentially, they will be brightly coloured, normally primary colours like blue, red and yellow. However, the thing about the colours on them is that they are not too overbearing. They are eye-catching but they are not particularly in your face and they do not detract from the information which is conveyed in the advert.

Furthermore, they convey information in the correct manner, which is not something that every bingo advert does. Essentially, it ensures that the bingo adverts are not in your face with a lot of elaborate information and that they just stick to the point with nothing else apart from the actual features of the game conveyed. Furthermore, they also tend to have a lot of positive adjectives in them, which the viewers automatically associate with a good game of bingo.

In effect, the creative bingo adverts certainly give you something to look at. The text that is in them is normally accompanied by a lot of pictures and adverts which certainly show off everything that the bingo game has to offer. In a sense, the bingo adverts are a little over the top and elaborate to a certain extent but they do get the point across that they are very exciting and will always give you an experience which you will never forget.

There is a lot that you can learn from creative bingo adverts. They have the right balance of text, colour and information. They are not overwhelming, instead they are actually quite moderate in the information they offer, being clear and concise.

Choosing font and design for a website

epic designThere is this field called typography and it is a huge field in which people have spent years but still every time you study it, you’ll find something new. So in this article I will try to mention all those important points that you should consider while you are choosing a fond or design for a certain website.

Be practical

While you are designing a website you need to know that the content on it will change with time. So it is simply impossible to kern the title on each page and you need to give up some control.

The main point here is that you need to accept it that you will not have complete control over your website because it is not simply possible. As a designer you have control over some things, such as typeface and size of the content, and you try to get most advantage out of it. So being practical is to remain in your boundaries and try to get most out of what you have.

Visibility of font and design

There is this simple thing that you need to know and the thing is that we put text so that everyone can read it, otherwise why would you such an effort to put it there in the first place. Many people forget this simple phenomenon and make it extremely difficult for the site visitor to actually read what you have there.

By just making your text readable, you’ll be better than 50 percent of the designers and that really is a large number. This simple mistake is quite common in large number of designers in the world and they forget about the most basic thing that the website should have.

Using typefaces

While you are deciding about the typeface that you’ll use in the website, you don’t need to think too much on it. Most designers hate using Helvetica because it is used very extensively in almost every website that you’ll find on the internet. But you might wonder why do people use this so much in their website, the reason is that it is damn too good, it fits with every design you can thing off and it works awesomely well no matter what the size is. Even if it is widely used but it fulfils your requirement then go for it without spending any of your precious time.

The content in your body is the one that should be most readable, so you need to select a font that works well in small size. You may have a question regarding why I said what I said earlier about using a font that works well in small size and the reason is that even if you set your copy at 20px but you are able to see it clearly, this gives you a clear indication that you have used typeface that is actually readable.

We have covered the body copy but what about the titles? For title this thing is really easy, if you can make up immediately after you see title than you doing it right and you don’t need to make any more changes.

The good thing about typefaces is that once you have worked in enough on projects related to this, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. Once you have that experience, you’ll be able make all these critical decision yourself without any hesitations. There is not a set formula for choosing a font, the best way perhaps can be to use every font that you think might work and than simply compare them to get to the final decision. Choosing a font is just an instinct that you need to follow and a good thing to your advantage is that in most cases user doesn’t even look at the font if the text is readable.

Using different fonts and designs

The possibility of using just a one type face for the whole website is very rare and most of the time you have to use more than one typefaces for the website so that it looks nice. Most of the websites use two typefaces, one for the body and other for the headlines. While you are using two different types of fonts, than you need to compare the two fonts and see how they look when they are used together. There is no easy way to know which two fonts are best for the website until you have tried them all.

Use of a particular font depends upon the type of website you are making, you can use two sans-serif in one case and in the other case it may more appropriate to use san and serif fonts separately. It is not necessary that the fonts you are using should be similar but they should great together, this is all that matters when it comes to designing a website. The main purpose of using different fonts is to convey the message and if some contrasting fonts are conveying your message more strongly than going for it will be your best shot.

Fonts and designs are two related things because you design something keeping in mind the font that you are going to use.

Using different designs attracts more people which mean you can convey your message to more people. The text in it does matter but the design itself is a very important thing and it does needs you strong attention.

Size that is most appropriate

Whether it is font or design, the size really does matter because it can either make your website a great one or it can make it a badly made website. For the body of your website, deciding the font size is really quite easy because all you have to do is, choose a size that makes it easier for the visitor to read the text. The size of title is something that needs your attention because it really is complex thing. What you really need to do is decide a size that will attract maximum audience by trying different font sizes according to your design and choose the one which is best for your website. Don’t use a size bigger than it is supposed to be because it will have a negative effect on your website as a whole

SONY DSCFlow of the website

Making a website that flawless and when someone sees it, his impression is that it really is fantastically made website. While deciding the size of the title you might think that it is title and title should be bigger than the other text in the website. It is right but other factors such as color combination and placement is an important thing for a website to look great.

The important thing about this that you should know is that the combination of color and placement is all relative. While deciding color on a particular part of the website, you need to compare it with the other part to make it easier for you to decide


Giving proper spacing between the text is a very important factor that you should keep in mind while designing a website and choosing all those fonts for it. This little thing can be the difference between a readable text and a non readable text in the end. If you ask generally than small text should have a small spacing and bigger text should have big spacing, it really isn’t that complicated

There is another type of spacing and that is the space between the characters. It’s a complicated thing because CSS doesn’t give us much of a control over this area but setting the value of letter spacing to be 1px or 2px can really do the trick for you. This spacing between the characters is not a issue if you consider it for small text but the problem arises when it comes to titles

Color combination in the design

Using a color combination that is most attractive and something that makes the text on the website most readable is the one you should use in your website. The most appropriate color combination and that makes the text most readable is light text on dark background or vice versa but you can select the one you see fit.

Importance of grid in design

It is very important to use grid even if you have a good font, spacing and over all color combination because it makes your website look flawless. You can’t say that using grid is the ultimate solution for badly made website but using it from the very start will make sure that your website design is solid

To make a website that has the perfect the design and font in it and something that stands out than you need to think differently. Choose a unique font and design but something that is appealing will make your website a good one. You have to see other designs, fonts and do the opposite of what others are doing

What Font Should you Use?

Crazy fonts

In the 21st century we have seen some of the fastest advancements in computers and the internet. The way we view content and the written word is forever being changed. Traditional publications that have not evolved are either going out of business or losing revenue. An example of this is blockbuster video that had to shut down the vast majority of their stores last year. There has never been a time when so much information has been freely available to the so many people. There has also never been a time where anyone can publish their own content and get it seen by millions of people all on their own. Be this through a blog, video or guest post on a popular online publication. Due to the fact anyone can publish content we are seeing some absolutely horrible typography and design.

What makes a good font?

The main thing a good font must do is:

  1. Be easy to read on the chosen medium.
  2. Be clear and flow.
  3. It must communicate your story
  4. Be relevant to your audience

Starting with point 1; There are various mediums we can choose including print, desktop, mobiles and tablets. We need a font that the reader can clearly see and read on that medium

In point 2 what I mean by flow is the way the font reads. A good way to asses this is to sit down and actually really read the text. See for yourself if it really flows well or you are finding it a bit slow.

The last 2 points come together somewhat, if you are writing a story for children under 4 you will probably not want to use a traditional serif text. If you are writing content for lawyers or doctors you will probably want to avoid over sized decorated texts.

Some other things to consider are the size of your page or margins. If we have large columns we can consider using a bold or black typeface. When we have only limited space and small columns using a light san serif type may be best.

Things to remember; there are no hard and fast rules, typography is subjective. When in doubt ask someone else’s opinion.